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Covid 19 - SSD Venues

The information below is designed to show the current status for each of the venues that we operate from and serves as a quick 'at a glance' guide for our clients.

GREEN indicates the venue is open and running with measures in place and class structures unchanged or changed to apply the necessary number restrictions if applicable.

ORANGE indicates that the venue is currently not available though is expected to come onliine within 2-6 weeks with measures in place and class structures unchanged or changed to apply the necessary number restrictions if applicable.

RED indicates that the venue remains closed until further notice and not currently available to SSD Ltd/SVOS for the purpose of the services being provided.

Squad/Private 1:1



Elite Squad


KLA (Wales)

Private 1:1



Castle Hill

Elite Squad + 1:1


Castle Hill

Private 1:1





SSD Comps


SVOS Surrey

Sports Park


Opening from


Covid 19 - Get familiar with the signs on arrival

Click to enlarge these signs that we use to help you when visiting our venues. All students, staff and invited visitors are required to 'sign in' on arrival and have their temperature taken, this information is retained for 21 days.

Covid 19 - Coronavirus

The 2020 outbreak in the United Kingdom of the Covid 19 (Coronavirus) brings about a drastic change to the requirements that directly affect working practices for our facilities and also for SSD Limited. Unprecedented in its Global and UK wide effects on the general population, communities and business, including our daily lives and of course working practices has lead to re-visit extensively how we all focus on the need for increased safety and controlled measures that allow our lives to resume back towards some normality, whilst ensuring at all times that clearly defined measures are in place to enable the safety for all directly or indirectly affected.

Our work within our facilities (School's) is somewhat unique. Whilst we naturally have a duty of care and responsibility for our own staff, students and clients, this duty of care also extends across all areas of our operation within the school that could lead to ‘adverse’ affects for its staff, pupils, visitors and the wider community. Our primary objective therefore in relation to our business and hire arrangements is to enable a safe and phased approach back to work for our organisation, whilst ensuring that our own detailed measures meet the requirements and absolute approval of the respective leadership teams, the governors and local authority and do not in any way jeopardize the schools own measures, policies and risk assessments from being able to be delivered and to the contrary may even improve outcomes for all. Our risk assessments set out the decisions we are taking and measures to be put in place as a proposal to facilitate a phased reopening of Strictly School Dancing Limited’s business activities and specifically those whereby the school’s are utilised as a facility from which to provide tuition in a safe way, that is also capable of being adapted to any required changes that could occur with little or no notice due to the nature of the Covid 19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Existing policies and guidance continue to apply alongside the measures being taken within the Covid 19 (Coronavirus) risk assessments including but not limited to:

  • Health & Safety Policy

  • First Aid Policy

  • Child Protection Policy

Strictly School Dancing Limited’s business extends to the use of many facilities for the provision of its wider services including the following:

  • Castle Hill Junior School (Greenbank Campus)

  • Castle Hill Primary School (Rooksdown Campus)

  • The Burghfield Community Sports Association (BCSA) (SSD Ltd national competition events)

  • The Surrey Sports Park (SSD Ltd major national competition events in association with the Strictly Vibez Open Series)

  • The Everest Community Academy

  • KLA Dance Institute

When considered safe and appropriate by the government based on the scientific advice to be able to allow for further measures of relaxation to be introduced, we will have an obligation to provide equivalent information to cover our other activities and event promotions. In the first instance, our initial focus lies with Phase 1 at Castle Hill Junior School and later at the start of Phase 2, the Rooksdown Campus and Everest Community Academy. 

SSD Ltd are working efficiently to ensure that all of our facilities are available as soon as is feasibly possible to enable our usual weekly programs for tuition to resume. For any facilities that remain unavailable, Zoom lessons will continue until re-opening. All updates regarding this and Covid 19 are posted regularly within our members zone. Our students have been issued with our own 2020 Covid 19 (Coronavirus) 'back to work' members handbook available within our members zone on Facebook, which provides full information and all related procedures regarding attendance at any of our active sites. This has been produced in accordance with the Risk Assessments that have been provided and approved by the relevant facilities.

For more information from the UK Government and the British Dance Council regarding Covid 19 please click on the images below.

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