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SSD Partnerships & recommended brands

Contact us for student discounts and deals on all Supadance products.

Student discount available

Student discount available

Student discount available

Student discount available


A brilliant Dance School in the beating heart of beautiful

South Wales!

Kudos is an international sportswear manufacturer

They supply bespoke sports kit for a multitude of different sports to teams, clubs, universities and schools worldwide.

Formed in January 2012, Kudos now partners with hundreds of teams from grass-roots to the elite teams. Kudos is the brand of choice for the design and supply of all SSD Elite tracksuits for our students.

Click their logo for the interview held between KUDOS and SSD Ltd that explores our Dance School and how we have learnt to adapt to challenges faced during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

SSD work closely with other dance schools and many of the industries leading brands. Some of our students are fortunate enough to be fully sponsored by these fabulous companies as ambassadors of their products and services. Do visit their websites for the latest designs and offers, you will not find better...

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