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Supporting the intricate needs & aspirations of the very best competitors...

Students develop at different speeds and based upon several key factors. They may also have different levels of aspiration as of course do those that may be responsible for supporting them. For some, they  may be entirely happy to dance just for fun or socially, for others they may enjoy additional exposure and opportunity and for those who's intentions are to become the very best, SSD created the A-CADEMY. Not everyone can become a Champion and for many different reasons too, the world of competitive Ballroom Dancing is indeed demanding, as is the case with all major sports or artistic activities. All our students are equally important to SSD and the future of Dance in general.

It is of no surprise to many that SSD's primary objectives and aspirations are to always remain a highly competitive based Dance School and this is the direction that our school has deliberately followed throughout the last 8 years, one whereby we encourage students to strive to be the best that they can be. By virtue of the fact that we have many excellent and highly talented students, this drives our business model in a direction that is appropriate to both maintain and develop such further.

Today SSD operate A-CADEMY group  classes and practice sessions that are exclusively designed to provide the very best in opportunity for learning as well as to provide access to all of the additional services that are required to create future Champions in Ballroom & Latin American dancing. Our A-CADEMY students train for many hours per week, are highly dedicated, passionate and determined individual's who have the total support and backing required to continually drive success. 

  • Meetings, personal development plans & targets, assesment

  • Attending & directly supporting all competition events in the UK & Overseas where our students are present

  • Arranging bespoke workshop events featuring additional Professional Coaches

  • Providing a full 12 month competition, workshop & practice plan enabling students and parents to effectively manage their time

  • Complex and detailed weekly lectures during group sessions for Ballroom & Latin

  • Simple monthly payment plans to help manage costs and provide excellent value

  • Access to a regular program of Private 1:1 tuition

  • Help advice, organisation and support with garment requirements & design

  • Help advice and provision of hair design and make-up

  • Help advice and support with non dance related activity, this may include students who also participate in other programs such as DofE and school

  • 7 days per week contact for all students and parents

  • Couples photography, A-CADEMY members zone providing useful information including latest news and video

  • Partner search management 

  • Exceptional facilities in which to train

  • And much more...

In return for this level of commitment, SSD provide a number of value added benefits to compliment their competing couples known as STUDENT ASSIST these include:

To find out more about progressing to the A-CADEMY environment, simply contact us.


A-CADEMY is available to invited students only and those who have joined our Dance  School from elsewhere and who are already established competitors.


For our students, the A-CADEMY is a place to call home, where students come together to develop strong bonds and friendship whilst working hard to achieve common and personal goals.

SSD  A - Cademy a special place to be...

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